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Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz

Directed by Eleanor Holdridge

Assistant Director Joshua Waterstone



Is He Dead by Mark Twain 

Adapted by David Ives

Directed by Joshua Waterstone


Stage Manager: Stephanie Guelzow

Scenic Designer: Michaela Stein

Lighting Design: Shawn Hooper

Sound Design: John Shea

Costumes: Justin Hall

Props: Elizabeth Rief 



Joshua Waterstone

Middletown by WIll Eno

Directed by Joshua Waterstone


Stage Manager: Savannah Kurz

Scenic Designer: Vicki Halverson

Lighting Design: Joseph Burbach

Sound Design: Joe Shea

Costumes: Janice Stauffer

Technical Director: Greg Rishoi



"Someone is born: someone will die. Both of them are you."

-Will Eno 


"If that statement resonates with you. Then you should see "Middletown" if that statement means nothing to you.

You should definitely see "Middletown""

-Jack Forey,

D&N Review

Bullet by Becky Boesen

Directed by Joshua Waterstone


Stage Manager: Ratty Scurvics

Scenic Designer: Joshua Waterstone

Lighting Design: Ratty Scurvics

Sound Design: Richard McDermott

Costumes: Katie Davis


Selected as a Fringe Managed Venue and Premiered at New Orleans Fringe Festival



"Is He Dead? a Confident Artistic Vision, Beautifully Executed"

                                                                       - Rob Taylor                                                                                 PTTG Review


"Much of the success of the production can be credited to director Joshua Waterstone whose stylistic vision and consistency the cast fully buy into...  When it comes to the comedy itself, Waterstone successfully guides the stylistic variations of the script’s comic tropes into a consistent and believable comic milieu. It comes from confident directorial choices, good casting and creative vision.

                                                     -Piedmont Triad Theatre Guide

Joshua Waterstone

Melancholy Play by Sarah Ruhl

Directed/Produced by Joshua Waterstone


Stage Manager: Ben Adams

Scenic Desgner: Vicki Halverson

Lighting Designer: Sarah Resch

Costume Design: Julie Douglas

Technical Director: Matt Rightmire

Cello Score by: Michael Roth

Bullet is inspired by Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate, two teenagers who embarked on a murderous crime spree in Nebraska and Wyoming in the winter of 1958.


"Unlike other works based on the pair — including Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” or Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers — Bullet doesn’t glorify or romanticize the violent affair, but instead presents Starkweather (Spenser Stokes) and Fugate (Brenna Hill) for what they were: dumb kids. "

-Brad Rhines, GAMBIT: Best of New Orleans

Perspective by Ensemble

Directed by Joshua Waterstone


Inspired by the "Overview Effect" devised by Joshua Waterstone and Ensemble


Lighting Design: Joshua Waterstone

Sound Design:   Joshua Waterstone

"'Melancholy Play'  proved a success despite its shoestring budget.


So much so, the character driven dramedy was one of seven plays selected for performance at this week's Kennedy Center American College Theatre Regional Festival.

More than 70 plays were considered."

-Jeff Korbelik

Lincoln Journal Star

Cubical Life by Micah Kafka

Directed/Produced by Joshua Waterstone


D.P.: Logan Gee

Gaffer: Justin Richards

Editor: Drake Tucker

Set Dec: Alma Cerretta

A.D.: Neil Larson

Composers: Drew Conly, Joe Shea




                                                       Best Micro Short 


Paradise Hotel by Richard Foreman

Directed by Joshua Waterstone

Ideas for Creative Exploration: Funded


Scenic Designer: Cal Clements

Stage Manager: Barry Branford

Robotics Designer: Ben Coolik

Costumes: Cathy Parrot

Music by: SJ Ursrey

Sound Design:   Joshua Waterstone

Phoenix by Cory Soukup

Directed/Produced by Joshua Waterstone


D.P.: Jordan Fountain

Gaffer: Dominic Ciafolo

Editor/VFX: Connor Hugget

A.D.: Nathan Hansen

Set Dec: Cassandra Tyrell

Music: Lucas Dunwoody


"Paradise Hotel" mixes stylized, overtly sexual poses and speech, written and pre-recorded dialog, a rotating set and an interactive target to create a unique world."

                                                               -Sonya Elkins

                                                                The Red & Black

One Ham-Manlet by Ryan Kathman

Directed by Joshua Waterstone


Lighting Design: Kathy Lorenzen

Scenic Design: Ryan Kathman



   "A Tour De Force"




                    "Beautifully Envisioned and Performed"




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